Visit the site to download CapsaSusun today

CapsaSusun is also known as the Chinese Poker. It is the Asia’s card game which is traditional since long. Every player needs to make three lines with the 13 cards, which includes the five cards for the back hand, middle hand and three cards for the front hand. Compare all lines with the other players. Rules of the game are simple enough and you just need to make easy and quick decision with the strategic thoughts. All you need to do is, Visit the site to download CapsaSusun. Well you must know that diamond games are open up with the new vistas of the CapsaSusun. They offer the most delightful user experience that comes with unique UI and UX.

Visit the site to download CapsaSusun

Key features of CapsaSusun

  • This game supports different platforms as Facebook, Google Play and iOs
  • This is rich in the game animation which includes alluring UX and UI.
  • It supports well the fast and normal mode
  • Comes with differentiated system of mission play
  • Offers the prime VIP services with different selections
  • Includes the amusing items of In-game

This is one card game which is popular around the world. You can Visit the site to download Capsa Susun that can be played at home with the family under the name as CapsaSusun. One can also enjoy this game online. The experts of the game support happily all for tracking old memory. As per the rules, this game is played with two to four people with one deck as 52 cards. As said, back hands combo ranks should be higher than the middle hand. The middle hand should be better than the front hand. If this doesn’t happen, it can be badly arranged and you will not get any of the scores for it.

The rank of the cards or the hands is similar as the western poker. Some of the main features include the real time of the multi-player game which fits well in the pocket. One can set their game room play speed as fast or normal some of the several room options for fitting in as per preference. One can get extra rewards for the daily missions. This supports different language as Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese and English. This game also includes simple UI for the easy navigation. For more information, Visit the site to download CapsaSusun today.