Online poker has begun independent tests

The best of them provide convincing arguments for why online poker should be honest or manipulative, although none of them can claim to be final or final. The reason for this is that all these arguments, no matter how strong they are, are based on one reason only: any evidence does not support them.

Philosophical approach

In short, this is a philosophical approach to the issue, that is, the argument is based on pure thought. Although a thoughtful approach is valuable, it can be not very pleasant when applied to such a question, because each case leaves room for a counterargument. As a result, the debate continues and rotates in a circle, without making any conclusions. A scientific approach, where evidence is used to prove an argument, is a much better approach.

online poker playing

It’s true that poker sites have always tested their random number generator (RNG), but the reality is that these tests are often carried out by the poker sites themselves, so they should not be considered goals. Besides, these tests were limited by RNG and did not test algorithms that effectively “hand over” cards.

Thus, the tests analyze real stories that were taken from data on poker sites and use them to check if “good” players get more “failures” than they should have used random cards. Many details can be found in the full report for each test. So far, the results of each site have shown that there is “no sign of fraud,” which can only be useful to the online ts911 ดีไหม poker industry.

Get reliable results

After the first tests, some sceptical observers noted that the tests themselves could be manipulated or that the original data set could be modified to obtain reliable results. After all, the online poker industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and when it comes to large sums of money, a lot is possible. In response to this online poker Watchdog, a downloadable “application” has been created that players can use to analyze their hand histories. Using this, players can be sure that the data is real since it is data from their games – they can check their hand history to make sure that the games they played are honest.

However, before reaching substantial conclusions, the tests are not without limitations, since they test only one type of bias. There are other possible methods of falsification that would not have been identified during these tests. However, as soon as this series of tests is completed, additional tests will be conducted to identify other errors.