Casino Bonus 200%: What to Expect When Playing at Safe Online Casinos

In the past, gamblers would have to travel to the nearest casino to play their favorite games and everything that followed once they entered those doors was pretty predictive. Although the rooms could smell funny, be boring, and be dark, it was guarded by staff members. Of course, much has changed since then, but the need for users to feel as safe as possible upon leaving with their hard earned earnings is the desire which has largely remained present in the gambling market for notable reasons. Hence, when it comes to a gambling guru or even a newbie picking an online casino, a lot more is at stake than how sharp the graphics and how fast the game is. Basically, the most important element to consider before registering at online casinos is safety.

Online Casino Payouts

Because many of the experts at some sites are also players, they understand the meaning of finding a safe online Casino bonus 200% that you can depend – that’s why they’ve laid out a few certain rules for you to follow to help you make the informed decisions about who to play with and why it’s worth doing your research!

Facts About Safe Online Casinos.

They use the well-reputed payment methods and best encryption technology;

Each online casino is both regulated and licensed by a well-reputed gaming authority;

Safe online casinos have easy payouts and fair games.

Safe Online Casino Payouts.

Now, research is the key and has become possible to conduct due to the internet. Whether you’re buying the latest technology and going to eat a restaurant, it’s important that you go online and find out a bit about the subject at hand before diving in. doing this will not only save disappointment but will also save you both money and time (which you can use) in the future. The truth is, it’s not all that hard to find a safe online casino if you know what you’re looking for. Over time, you’ll become an expert at evading those concerns. Hence, the first thing you have to do is ask about how fast payouts made by certain casinos are and what payment methods the said establishment follows.

Does the certain offer reliable financial partners such as MasterCard, American Express, and Visa withdrawal and payment selections? If the answer is no, then maybe you need to go back to the homepage. In 2016, no trusted online brand can be void of the necessary credentials which they know will take them to the next level and attract users of a certain economic weight and stature.

Welcome to the best Online Sports betting and Casino site across all Asia

Your search for the best Online Sports Betting and Casino Site in Asia is over.  Available in various languages and with the best online games under categories – Sports, Casino and Keno, Fun88 thai is one stop shop for your entertainment and betting interests.  Its 8+ year experience, particularly as an Asian market leader is an additional factor that works in favor of this company.

Betting and Casino

Strong and Reliable Foundation

This website has been launched by Welton Holdings, Philippines who is a big financially stable player in gambling business industry.  The staffs of this online website are experienced professionals who can provide the best service that can be financially advantageous to you.  This ensures your money is in safe hands and you can earn the best from this business.

Also, it may be noted that this gaming site is regulated and licensed by Isle of Man, British Isles.

It has also received many awards such as EGR awards from eGaming review magazine and has been official sponsor of Spurs & Burnley in 2014-2015.

Deposits and withdrawals are easy

Deposits and withdrawals can be processed easily at fun88 thaiPayments and withdrawal of funds can be processed through VISA, Net banking, Mobile Banking, FASTBANK transfer, Skrill, Master card and other local banking modes.

Latest technology, High level security systems have been installed so that customer information is not lost/stolen Online.

Other features that make fun99 thai the best in business

Here are some features that make this website the best one for your

  • Best online games on the offer. Live dealer games, live sports betting and best slot games on the offer. The online games are eye-catching, money spinners developed by the best international software players like Microgaming, OneWay, Campus, Crown Casino, Betsoft, Playtech a Lucino, and few more.
  • There are various promotional offers made here. A first bonus up to 200%  is offered along with rebates and weekly bonus.
  • Sports betting services available in different languages like English, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indonesian.
  • Just invite your eligible friends to play on the site and you stand to win Player football  t-shirts, Samsung GalaxyNote 8 iPhone 2, or Addidas Ultraboots as per the terms and conditions mentioned.
  • There are various types of sports to choose from. This includes football, motor racing golf, and many more games.
  • The support team is always online to help you out while betting or for answering any other queries.

With so many plus points, you can be assured that you have come to a safe, profit-oriented and entertaining environment that has international standards but based in Asia.

Sport Picks- Master Shot to Winning

Enjoy sports betting? What if you can turn your betting into winning shot! You might be going nuts overt this idea and will be thinking about its possibilities. Yes, betting is all about randomness and risk bearing but with the accurate guesses you can nail the betting shots and turn them into winning goals… all you need is a good sports pick who could help you with betting.

Sport Picks

Everything you need to know about sports picks

‘Sports pick’ the word might be sounding familiar to many whereas for many, it will be a complete new term. No matter if it sounds familiar or unfamiliar; in this article you will get a brief introduction to sports pick.

If you are involved in betting, you might have seen the people who rarely lose any bet! Ever wonder why? It’s because they know the worth of bet and they never want to lose their money. They hire professional betting handicappers who predict the winning chances and winning shots of people. Well, if you will try to understand their job, you might end up being a messy head because their job is quite analytical and time taking. They track the record of players which includes all information regarding their winning, losing and the graph of their progress. You know, you can win almost all your betting games if you can find a worthy sports handicapper for yourself. However, loyalty is the least thing you can expect from them because they aim at money making. They will predict the game for you, only if you pay them a decent amount.

But hey, you know there are many websites which offer sports handicapper for free. Yes, many sites offer you sports pick services if you choose to play their websites but note that these handicappers serve to everyone who bet through the website. It completely depends upon your strategy that how you can use them for your benefit. They can literally help you in multiplying your profit by two three times through betting. But yes, if you aren’t paying them don’t rely on their predictions completely because in the end they are working for the website. Most of the online sports betting websites make a special panel of sports handicapper which drags the attention of people towards the website and keep them engaged in betting. If you are also a betting freak, you can try their services to check their authenticity and take their help for your future betting.

Increase your chance of winning through gambling agents

Playing a physical sport gives a number of benefits to health and mind. In recent times, most people show attention in playing online games because of the comfort it presents. Only some people play these games for the hobby and enjoyment, but many people are serious about the game. Online gambling is an easy to play and access so; everybody can just play the game with basic knowledge. Whereas a player wants to be cautious with the game then only they can get the best benefits and bonuses. If you are the one among the player who is paying attention to play the online gambling games then favor agen judi.  These gaming agents will present you more gambling games with a possibility of earning more real money.

While playing games in online, the player can use more options and also they can make use of private comfortable space. Instead of carrying cash, the player can simply deposit and withdraw amounts from the online site. Wide range of deposit choice is offered for live betting and live casino. The winners of the gambling games can be guessed by learning the predicting algorithms. To make use of this option, prefer a trusted agent because they have high knowledge about the online games.

There are many online gambling games present in these days. Most of the people play casino games to experience the thrill of the game and create thrilling moments while playing. Playing online gambling games is also a risk, so be cautious about investing money, winning, etc. Know the facts about the game and never start with high investments. In reality, there are websites that give a chance to play for free so, try in the demo section before you begin. Selecting a trusted agen judi is very important because they know how to take care of their customers. Also, they give guidelines and tactics that increase the chance of winnings.

Online gambling is different for each person. For some it is a type of entertainment and for others it may not. Gambling habit affects not only the gamblers, but also the people around them. There are gambling sites that let its users to bet games in the ease of their homes. Give preference to a trusted online gambling agent once you decide to play online gambling games. Consistently you cannot succeed where at any instant; you may also lose so, play responsibly.

Learn the modern features of the pocket casino and win more gifts

The technology is now introducing different types of advanced casino platform in the online casino world. There are many people feeling comfortable to play their favorite casino games at any required time. The experts are using modern technologies and developing the game using the best quality of software with different themes and styles in it. Each game will impress the player with amazing themes in it. The game offers different levels and it makes the user obtain the silver, gold, diamond, and platinum. But at first, the gamblers will start playing with an attractive bronze level. The status of the player will be adjusted based on the points that they have obtained within a certain period of time. The online platform offers huge varieties of casino games which will help the casino players to choose the right one. The different types of games with a variety of wagering option will definitely make the gambler to win huge rewards finally. Even, the online mobile casino has been introduced with different bonus points where the player can convert them into real cash that can be used for depositing in the game at the required time. The online gamblers can now register themselves easily with the help of network facilities. Play pocket casino games at and collect many attractive gifts in an effective manner.

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Play the adorable game on your smartphone

Almost all the people are now using the smartphones that help them to access the gambling world at any required time. The mobile world now supports the casino application in the entire device which makes the player prefer the required one in an effective way. This website will list the best gambling games that are provided in the casino world. The entire gaming website will list hundreds of table games and slot machine games. The user can directly play with an amazing reward than the land-based casino games. The platform is designed for the gamblers with real money making an option. Make use of the online facilities and click here at to obtain a memorable experience in the gaming environment. The VIP bonuses are awarded to the gamblers who maintain an amazing bonus point. It offers a wide range of free bonuses, competitions, online tournaments, and other spins for the player. Have more fun in playing the most adorable casino game on your smart devices and win additional bonus point with different themes and games in it. Check the features of the game and win plenty of gifts for each game.


Below are tips to help you find success in an online poker game.

Be ready and prepared For a Long Session

Majority of online poker tournaments, taking ​​situs judi online as an example, take hours to come to a completion hence one needs to be prepared for lengthy periods. The tournaments can last for up to twelve hours. For people who are not professional poker players, or rather, people who have to go to work the next day to make a living, it is good to know what you are getting yourself into that.

Be ready for some outrageous swings

Due to a large number of players in these tournaments, there is a great variance and unpredictability. In addition, due to a large number of people playing the game for recreational purposes, players calling your raises with ridiculous holdings are an obvious occurrence. In the end, this situation is a favorable one. On a short-term basis, this is a predicament, which requires one to have ample bankroll to fall back when things are not going your way.

situs judi online

Value bet your hands to the maximum

It is advisable for you to make sure you get the maximum value from your made hands. Higher-stakes tournament grinders may at times fire 1/3 pot-sized bets at their opponents since it is more difficult to pay off at those stakes. At the lower-stakes tournaments, you can get away with betting more without any worries. Since a majority of your opponents will love to call your bets, you may as well take advantage of your strong holdings and make a large profit while you are at it.

It is also wise to keep it simple while engaging in these tournaments and let the cards fall how they will. At any stage of the tournament, running a bluff may put you in a difficult situation, bringing only losses and tears of sorrow. This is so since the majority of opponents you come up against only want a showdown with the hope that they will win.

You should not worry about playing a “balanced style”

The probability of facing a similar opponent in these tournaments is next to impossible due to the sheer number of players involved. Due to this fact, you should not have to worry about certain patterns of your play revealed, especially if you are up against less skilled opponents. However, against strong opponents, you should be unpredictable by varying your bets in order to reduce the possibility of reading that easily and increase your chances of winning.

Familiarize with the new aspects of playing online poker

For novices, it is advisable to first familiarize with new and unique features such as the time-bank feature. On normal live cash tournaments, players normally have a few minutes to act before a clock called on them. In the online platform, there is a significant decrease for time set for one to act and these adjustments need one to adapt quickly.

The number of hands one sees per hour in an online poker game such as ​​situs judi online much higher compared to a casino. Novices need to get used to these features and not jump into it headfirst.

What do you avail when you play the internet casino games?

In the present days, the online gambling industry is showing no signs of slowing down, but people are trying it more and more every day. In fact, the reasons for this extreme level fame is very simple, because the online mode offers the gamblers with the best ever comfort of playing the game in the comfort of their homes. This is the main reason why most of the gamblers prefer the internet mode of the casino games. Of course, you can find a large number of judi poker online games and they are excited to make your game play to be so interesting.

Features of online mode of the casino games

Preferring the online mode of the casino games can provide you a large number of features than the traditional land-based casino games. Let us see some exciting features of this casino online game.

  • Free games availability – The most appealing aspect of the online casino games is that the site is offering the majority of the games as you enjoy. Moreover, the games are free of cost and you need not make more expenses.
  • Varieties – The internet mode of the casino sites provide you a wide range of the games in the different categories. There are also certain kinds of the games that can only be played in the specific region and area. Therefore, if you make the search on the sites, you will definitely be astonished to find out the original games. Along with these games, there is number of new version games are also accessible.
  • Reduced cost – Without any doubts, the casino games that are available online can definitely cut out your expenses. This is because that you need not move anywhere for enjoying the game play, but you can simply sit in the comfort of your home to enjoy it.
  • Desirable packages – The online mode of the casino games are offered with the exciting packages and they are excited to make your game play to be so interesting. Based on your needs, you can choose your game play.
  • Availability and accessibility – As the internet is available anywhere and anytime, you can access the judi poker online whenever you want. You need not wait for enjoyment, but you can pick your most interesting games without any hesitation.

As these kinds of the features are accessible when you play the internet mode of the casino, you can be enjoyed with the games easily online.

Things to know about the online casino games

Casino games offer the fun, excitements, thrill, money etc to the people. Many people involves on activities like the skydiving, skijoring to get the adrenaline rush on their body. Casino games also offer the options of adrenaline rush on the body.  If you are one among the people who loves the adrenaline rush on the body, then the casino games will amaze you for sure.  Once you try the games, you will get more fun and also the money. Make use of the games and earn more in this compete world.   While playing the casino games, the concentration and the analyzing skills of the players is what lets them to win the game.   If you are playing the casino games, you must concentrate on such things. Full Report of the online casino games are offered on this article.

Playing the casino games is a big deal for the people in the last century.  They have to wait until the vacation to make the travel and play the casino games. The people who have the good money on the hand can only be able to play the games while the others have to regret about the poor options of playing the casino games.  But the technology is highly infectious, everything is getting digitalized, even the casino games. With the good internet connection, anyone can play the casino games and get what they want. Playing the casino games is not a big deal with the internet and the digitalization.  Owning the good internet connection can lets you to play the casino games in this decade.

The online casino games offer many options to the people. There is no longer necessary to face the complications to play the casino games,  the website that offers the casino games are easily accessible and they can be able to reach anything they wants. The numbers of games, quantity of the bonus, fun are high on the online versions of the casino games. Anyone can play the casino games at any location and get the extreme fun.

  The player must choose the best website on the internet to play the casino games. Not all the website is user interface and thus the player cannot concentrate on the games if the website is user interface.  Check the website before you starts to play on the casino games. Using the reviews to estimate the quality of the website is one fine option that people gets.

Find out the right gambling platform for enjoying the casino games

As of now, gambling games are attaining more popularity from the people throughout the world. Especially, the arrival of the internet offers the vast range of the features in the world of gambling. Yes, there are so many platforms that are now offering you the utmost interesting games to enjoy. Well, you can also check this link to explore thousands of games for your entertainment.

Get to know about the gambling games online

Today’s popularity of the mobile phones makes the people to get everything through that device only. Even from shopping the products to get the entertainment, they like to attain the awesome features from their phone. Just like that, the gambling games are also now accessible online and anyone can simply get their needs from there.

There are so many online pages that are now accessible for enjoying the gambling games. From those sites, you can pick the very best platform based on the reviews. In fact, the reviews can give you the exciting chance for choosing the reliable platform.  The online gambling platforms are now designed to be compatible with the mobile phone. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy your gameplay over there.

When you play the game with your mobile phone, the gambling experience is same as you enjoy through the desktop. Yes, the animation, graphics used in the gambling sites are extremely awesome to feel like playing in the live casino. The internet site of the gambling agent can provide you the different kinds of the games as mentioned below.

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Live poker
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Craps
  • Roulette

All these kinds of the games are now accessible through the internet gambling site and so, if you are really interested in these things, then enjoy your best. Whenever you are going to choose the right gambling games platform, you should read out the reviews. The reviews are surely helpful to pick the most reliable online page. So, this content can be useful for exploring the reliable casino site for making your gambling gameplay to be so enjoyable.

The Concise History of Black Jack

Blackjack, as we probably know it, developed from various diverse games that were played in Europe in the seventeenth century. The greater part of these gameshad one thing in common, and that was the goal of achieving an aggregate of 21.

The principal reference to one of these games is in a story by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes in 1601. Two of the characters are adept at cheating in a game called “Ventiuna“, which is the Spanish for 21. Like in modern day blackjack, Ventiuna has the point of achieving 21 points without busting and aces have estimations of 1 or 11. The game was played with a Spanish deck that does not have 8s, 10s. The French form was known as Vingtet Un, which is 21 in French. In this format, the merchant was permitted to double and players bet after each round. The Italian adaptation was called Seven and a Half. This game was played with face cards, 7s, 9s. This game was diverse in light of the fact that the goal was to make a hand of seven and a half points.

Blackjack was brought in the United States at some point after the French Revolution. At first it was not famous in the betting houses, which is why the proprietors offered an assortment of rewards to attract players to the game. The most prominent of these was a payout of 10 to 1 for a hand comprising of the trump card and a black jack. This hand was known as a “blackjack” and gave its name to the game. Later, this payout was pulled back and a payout of 3 to 2 was offered for a hand comprising of any ace and any ten value card. However this hand and the game kept on being called blackjack. Before long, betting on blackjack was banned and the gamewas to be played in secrecy. This proceeded till 1931, when betting was authorized in Las Vegas.

Blackjack is a game of skill and very few players can make sense of the ideal moves. In 1953, Roger Baldwin distributed a kind of manual outlining blackjack methodology, which cut down the house edge impressively. In the mid-1960s, Edward Thorp took blackjack strategy to the next level. He started to check the cards that were disposed of and consequently was able to fine-tune the system so as get a normal return of more than 100%. He published his discoveries in a book called Beat the Dealer, which was an instant success. At first, the clubhouses were fearful, yet they soon understood that only a small number of players could really count cards and this would not gouge their general profits. At that point, in the mid-1990s a group of players from MIT set out on card counting professionally. They enlisted and prepared players and could track tables that were in a situation favorable to card checking. The club reacted with a couple of changes of their own. They expanded the quantity of decks and presented early shuffling.

In the mid-1990s gambling clubs went online over the Internet. Players began betting on blackjack from their homes, thus keeping the enthusiasm for blackjack alive.

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