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Welcome to the best Online Sports betting and Casino site across all Asia

Your search for the best Online Sports Betting and Casino Site in Asia is over.  Available in various languages and with the best online games under categories – Sports, Casino and Keno, Fun88 thai is one stop shop for your entertainment and betting interests.  Its 8+ year experience, particularly as an Asian market leader is an additional factor that works in favor of this company.

Betting and Casino

Strong and Reliable Foundation

This website has been launched by Welton Holdings, Philippines who is a big financially stable player in gambling business industry.  The staffs of this online website are experienced professionals who can provide the best service that can be financially advantageous to you.  This ensures your money is in safe hands and you can earn the best from this business.

Also, it may be noted that this gaming site is regulated and licensed by Isle of Man, British Isles.

It has also received many awards such as EGR awards from eGaming review magazine and has been official sponsor of Spurs & Burnley in 2014-2015.

Deposits and withdrawals are easy

Deposits and withdrawals can be processed easily at fun88 thaiPayments and withdrawal of funds can be processed through VISA, Net banking, Mobile Banking, FASTBANK transfer, Skrill, Master card and other local banking modes.

Latest technology, High level security systems have been installed so that customer information is not lost/stolen Online.

Other features that make fun99 thai the best in business

Here are some features that make this website the best one for your

  • Best online games on the offer. Live dealer games, live sports betting and best slot games on the offer. The online games are eye-catching, money spinners developed by the best international software players like Microgaming, OneWay, Campus, Crown Casino, Betsoft, Playtech a Lucino, and few more.
  • There are various promotional offers made here. A first bonus up to 200%  is offered along with rebates and weekly bonus.
  • Sports betting services available in different languages like English, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indonesian.
  • Just invite your eligible friends to play on the site and you stand to win Player football  t-shirts, Samsung GalaxyNote 8 iPhone 2, or Addidas Ultraboots as per the terms and conditions mentioned.
  • There are various types of sports to choose from. This includes football, motor racing golf, and many more games.
  • The support team is always online to help you out while betting or for answering any other queries.

With so many plus points, you can be assured that you have come to a safe, profit-oriented and entertaining environment that has international standards but based in Asia.

Sport Picks- Master Shot to Winning

Enjoy sports betting? What if you can turn your betting into winning shot! You might be going nuts overt this idea and will be thinking about its possibilities. Yes, betting is all about randomness and risk bearing but with the accurate guesses you can nail the betting shots and turn them into winning goals… all you need is a good sports pick who could help you with betting.

Sport Picks

Everything you need to know about sports picks

‘Sports pick’ the word might be sounding familiar to many whereas for many, it will be a complete new term. No matter if it sounds familiar or unfamiliar; in this article you will get a brief introduction to sports pick.

If you are involved in betting, you might have seen the people who rarely lose any bet! Ever wonder why? It’s because they know the worth of bet and they never want to lose their money. They hire professional betting handicappers who predict the winning chances and winning shots of people. Well, if you will try to understand their job, you might end up being a messy head because their job is quite analytical and time taking. They track the record of players which includes all information regarding their winning, losing and the graph of their progress. You know, you can win almost all your betting games if you can find a worthy sports handicapper for yourself. However, loyalty is the least thing you can expect from them because they aim at money making. They will predict the game for you, only if you pay them a decent amount.

But hey, you know there are many websites which offer sports handicapper for free. Yes, many sites offer you sports pick services if you choose to play their websites but note that these handicappers serve to everyone who bet through the website. It completely depends upon your strategy that how you can use them for your benefit. They can literally help you in multiplying your profit by two three times through betting. But yes, if you aren’t paying them don’t rely on their predictions completely because in the end they are working for the website. Most of the online sports betting websites make a special panel of sports handicapper which drags the attention of people towards the website and keep them engaged in betting. If you are also a betting freak, you can try their services to check their authenticity and take their help for your future betting.

How Ibcbet is gaining fame all across the Asian countries?

Are you crazy about playing football? Being a spectator you must have learnt about almost each and every rule which is followed during the lively sport. So the time has come when you can create income out of watching football league this season; no it’s not a joke at all. What if you can earn good amount of currency by watching a match and betting accordingly? Yes, betting is the most affective and exciting method by which many adults in Indonesia and Malaysia is earning big handsome money. Agen ibcbet is a place where you can try your luck in definite amount.

Why online gambling is so popular?

In south Asian countries the trend for playing online casino games is augmenting day by day. It’s a fabulous game which you would love to play with your friends on a virtual window. No need to go anywhere, feel hesitant or waste money in big expensive casinos. Get access to all kind of casino games at ibcbet without wasting a single minute of your life. Are you getting bored? Willing to play the game of real money? Then why to get into complicated businesses with friends or acquaintances in local regions. Online casino service providers give opportunity to the citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore at legal grounds via sbobet and various others web portals.

From different regions people join a common poker table and compete with their luck, whosoever wins the bet gets the win amount to the deposit user account. The money is not credited to your bank account until and unless you fill a small form. Don’t worry at all, the credit form, deposit form and different other required forms are downloadable at the website of the gambling site.

The football is the most thrilling sport which people cherish to watch with friends and the entire family. Whether it is male or female all admire the game of the globe. Betting is a critical process which will bring your economical condition up or may put your strength down, so before proceeding make sure you have followed the complete guide thoroughly. Place timid bets in the initial levels and then after certain wins go ahead and play a big amount in the ibcbet. However, while you will register on the respective web portal you will get a user name and password in your registered mail id. You must keep this account details safe and do no share with anyone else or your money will be at risk.     `

Imperative details regarding the online bookmakers

People can be able to place the bets in an easy and simple way when they find the right bookmaker online. Features of the bookmakers have to be verified in the market and they have to get service from them after analyzing certain things. With the help of technological advancement, individuals can be able to contact the bookmakers in a fraction of second. The agen judi online is available for different online games and they are serving around world because of the knowledge and tricks. Horse racing is the common game for players to place the bets in a simple manner. Legal and certified bookmakers have to be identified in the market in order to face the challenges and risks in an easy manner. One should understand the operation of the bookmakers and they have to place the bets based on that to generate huge revenue. Illegal gambling activity has to be avoided by any gambling players for their safety measures.


There are different odds in the betting and people have to calculate it properly if they want to generate the profits in a desired manner. Different types of betting are available with the bookmakers and they are fixed odds betting and future betting odds. People have to choose any of the system with the trusted service to avoid the losses in a greater manner. One can get peace of mind in placing bets when they know how the transactions are happening with the online bookmakers. Safety and security features are also to be investigated when they want to bet for the horse racing. Gamblers should be careful enough before depositing money with the bookmakers because to avoid the frauds and cheats. 100% win is possible in the gambling only when they have the ability to calculate the odds in the betting.

People have to get help from the trusted bookmaker in order to calculate the odds in the gambling. One can get gambling service in a cool way when they identify the genuine and honest bookmaker in the web resources. Some has good knowledge in the betting industry and they know how to help the customer approaching them.

Casino games – Earn as much as you can

Casino is a game which everyone loves to play. Many people earn more on it and some lost everything on it. Without have knowledge in this game it is very difficult to play, so before playing casino try to know things about it. There are many different types of casino games available. For every game the rules and regulations may vary depends on the game. It is important to invest money before you are going to start playing casinos.

In past decade casinos are like a play station where everybody needs to go there for playing it. Nowadays people don’t have time to play in casinos due to their busy schedule. Even they wish to go; time will never permit them to play. With the development in technology there are no more hazards on playing casinos, because you can get all those traditional and based casinos on internet.

When it comes to online casinos there are two types one is web based and other one is download based. When it comes to web based you need to select the best site where you can find all types of casinos games. These types of casinos doesn’t required any types of downloads but always need a speed internet connection.

In the download based casinos you have to download software which helps to connect you with the casino service provider without any internet connection. The things that you have to do before starting a game online is you have to register in an authorized site for accessing casinos. It may take few minutes to complete the process. Site will verify your account like your age validity for your payment methods and many others.

When it comes to judi bola you can earn through a sign up bonus, here you have to follow the marketing strategy. Once you have signed in they will give you a new user bonus and if you recommended their site to some of your friends and if they have signed in then you will get some extra bonus points. There are many kinds of casinos available online among many slots online is best and easy way to play. Even traditional slot is also very easy.  Normally playing casinos need some skills and knowledge over it. So if you are new to a field try to know many things about it and the start playing it. This will help you to move in a safe manner.

Significance of Starburst Slot Machine Game Reviews

Playing casino online is very familiar with men and women in many countries, especially, in Indonesia. Almost all online gamblers have gained knowledge in casino and they have learned the way of winning games. However, it is hard for them to search the best online casino, exclusively for playing casino. Since the casino is really very interesting to play, almost all international online casinos have included the casino online game. If you live in Indonesia, it is very simple for you to find one of the most dependable online casinos and at present, the Starburst is supposed to the best gambling online website. The main benefit for the players is that they can play from their Smartphone, wherever they are staying. It is rare to find genuine mobile casinos, in these days. The Starburst is the leading agency in online casino game and the website has been designed, exclusively for mobile phone users. You may know that playing online casino in unauthorized casino is illegal and there is no assurance for your deposit money and winning amount. It is important to check with annual auditing report and the details of the gambling licenses. When you prefer this popular casino website, you can win your casino games, using your skills.

Best slot game

The website offers special bonus of ten percent for the new members and for the regular members, the site offers .5 percent bonus and this is just incredible. If you are new to your casino gambling, you can learn how to play and win games in casino and then, start gambling. Special casino players’ room has been provided by the site and others cannot enter into your casino room. This is the perfect and confidential environment for the online casino gamblers. The minimum deposit is very low and you can withdraw cash, anytime you want. The winning amount is instantly transferred to your account and you are provided with the statement. There is no minimum required playing time and even if you win your casino games continuously, you can quit, if you feel. Nobody will question you for leaving the casino, with your winning money.

Availability of Interesting Online Games

Another advantage with this StarBurst is that you can choose other games also, such as capsa susun; blackjack and many more online games are there to select.  Since you are a regular Smartphone user, you can just download the app of the website to start your online casino or any other game you want. The software is original and the winning probabilities are not reduced or tailored and you have always the best chance of winning your games. At present, Starburst is one of the most recognized and authenticated online casinos of Indonesia and as long as you play on this site, you will never face legal issues, for sure. Just visit this online casino and learn more about the available games and guidelines for playing games. Become a member today and start to make money, with your casino playing skills online.